Does Your Staff Cooperate or Collaborate with You? Day 5

Management Training

Today, we wrap up our discussion on your team’s shift from cooperation to collaboration, we need to emphasize one of the last but most important points. Don’t forget yourself!
As you’ve seen over the last week, moving your team toward collaboration doesn’t just involve them, it also involves you. Improving yourself as both a manager and a leader should be a constant goal.

Two Ways to Become a Better Leader
1. Request feedback from your employees on how you could do better.
2. Read books and go to seminars.

We have a long list of books we recommend on management and leadership and they can be found here.

In addition, one of our most powerful management training and leadership courses is coming up in April. We will be traveling to Syracuse, New York to lead our two day management training course, The Coaching Clinic: Coaching Skills for Managers.

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