Tired of Boring Meetings?

It’s impossible to be part of an organization today and not attend meetings. Staff meetings, project meetings, executive retreats and so on, the list is endless… Let’s face it, the chances that you have experienced a poorly run meeting and watched valuable time be wasted is very good.

Facilitation is a leadership role where the decision-making process lies with the members. Effective meetings happen when they are skillfully facilitated with proper attention paid to the process and objectives.

Our Facilitators

You love your company, the initiative or maybe you are leading the project. Even if you are a great leader, “being objective,” which is a necessary part of facilitation, is likely not easy.

Facilitation is the rigorous process of managing the process, not the content. Instead of offering solutions, the facilitator offers group members tools and models they can use to develop their own answers. Facilitators attend meetings to guide members through their discussions, step by step, encouraging members to participate, share ideas and objections and ultimately discover their own answers.

Facilitators can lead a wide variety of meetings such as:

Our trained facilitators create an environment of collaboration. They listen actively, manage conflict, and adhere to the objective. We work with you to create an agenda for your planning meeting, retreat or initiative. We then do necessary research with stakeholders and show up prepared to facilitate an effective, fun, highly productive meeting. Leaving you with a relevant, meaningful plan and high quality decisions everyone can align with.


Keys to Engagement – Leading Virtual Meetings

As a leader, there is an increasing need for developing your ability to facilitate virtual meetings. We have virtual teams, travel, and a mobile workforce unlike any time in our history. There are of course special challenges that come with leading a virtual meeting.  This tool is meant to be a starting point to support you in learning more facilitation.

Alignment as a Decision Making Tool

When you have a group of smart, opinionated, engaged and passionate people, you will never agree!  Healthy conflict, differences of opinions, and diverse ideas, are what propel organizations forward, as long as everyone can align on a decision.  This document is meant to be used as a decision making tool.

Tired of boring meetings?
Talking about the same problem repeatedly?

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