Coaching Clinic: The Language of Leadership

Learning Coaching Skills takes professional training and a lot of practice.

This program can be taken on-site or virtually.

This management training course is designed to transform your ability to engage others by moving you from a command-and-control model of communication to one of collaboration and accountability.

In addition to managing your employees, the communication skills learned are useful in sales, parenting, and with peers and vendors.

This is a fun, highly participative and practical leadership coaching clinic designed to provide you and your managers with the tools and skills needed to become outstanding coaches.

Watch executive and business coach, Alicia Marie on Monologue vs. Dialogue.

The course includes a coaching session with People Biz Trainer and a Thomas International DISC Assessment.

About the Program

What You Will Learn:

  • An entirely new perspective on communication and what works
  • Powerful and effective techniques that help you seize daily coaching situations
  • Developing a coaching culture
  • What coaching is about, why it is effective, and how to implement it in the workplace
  • How to make the traditional switch from “Command and Control” style management to collaborative and supportive engagement of employees
  • The use of behavior assessments and how they apply when coaching
  • Identify goals and create action plans with employees
  • How to promote learning and discovery in your business
  • Accountability: what it takes and how to infuse it in your company
  • Personal Foundation: modeling leadership and “real power” in the workplace
Customized Courses

Like any of our trainings, the Coaching Clinic can be offered privately to your team or organization alone or as part of a larger customized management training package.

Complete the Training Needs Analysis to see what training would be beneficial for you.

After completing this program, participants will have the ability to:

  • Use a collaborative and supportive communication model, instead of the traditional tell-and-direct model
  • Seize daily coaching situations with employees, clients and even their children
  • Identify goals and create action plans with employees
  • Give and receive feedback in a neutral way
  • Create an environment of accountability
  • Lead courageous conversations
  • Be curious, instead of judgmental
  • Ask powerful questions that encourage innovation and learning
  • Utilize coaching skills when doing performance reviews

In addition to managing your employees, the communication skill-set learned is useful in sales, parenting, and with peers and vendors. This is a fun, highly participative and practical course, designed to provide you and your leaders with the tools and skills needed to become an outstanding coach.

The Virtual Program

What if you don’t have a whole group of leaders to train?

Where do you go to train 1,2,3 leaders in the basics and necessary skills of coaching?

What if you simply can’t afford to take your leaders out of the day-to-day business for two full days?

The Coaching Clinic has historically been a core People Biz on-site training, delivered over two days.  The training is sought after by organizations that want to train their managers and leaders to develop employees, and ultimately create a coaching culture within their company.

We have now taken this popular course and turned it into a powerful program that can be taken by you and your leadership team virtually over six months, saving you time and money. In fact, we believe this method of delivery will be even more effective, because participants will have time between sessions to practice what they are learning.

The intention of this program is to transform the leaders ability to engage others, by moving them from a command-and-control model of communication, to one of collaboration, empowerment, and accountability.

Information & Registration

This program extends over a 6 month period.

3 one-hour phone sessions per month. Sessions are recorded, in case of absence.

Each phone session comes with suggested practice exercises to be completed with another participant of the group.

There is no homework that needs to be submitted in between sessions.

A group board will be set up for recordings, session practices, and questions.

Programs are limited to 14 participants per group.

Program start date is announced as each group fills. We are currently filling the group scheduled to start in February.


The non-refundable tuition for this program is $995. A payment plan is available upon request.

Includes a complimentary coaching session with a coach from People Biz, Inc.

As with all of our public training programs, full-time* individual coaching clients are eligible to attend the course for free.

*Full-time coaching clients are scheduled for 3 sessions per month with their coach for the duration of the program.

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