Strategic Planning

Vision and Strategy Development

The greater the expectations for your business, the higher the stakes, and the unique nature of strategy discussions require special planning to ensure that meaningful and constructive conversations happen.

Who is facilitating your business plan for 2020 and beyond? A successful strategy meeting can align leadership, strengthen business performance, and transform the day-to-day operations of the business.

We assist business owners & leadership teams in creating clear, shared, actionable visions for the future.

We then support the development of the strategies and plans needed to successfully achieve that vision. This sometimes includes:

Strategic Initiative Management

In cases where you are managing dozens of unfocused initiatives, we facilitate the development of an approach to support leaders in examining what to focus on now that will provide the most leverage for the business. We engage leaders to ensure buy-in, and install processes to manage initiatives from conception through implementation and results tracking.

Accountability and Measurement

We facilitate the conversations that identify, define, and align around strategic measures. These tools are crucial for managing, monitoring, and analyzing initiatives and overall business performance. We also work to clearly define responsibility and decision rights throughout critical processes.

Priority Setting and Resource Allocation

For each priority, we support conversations for clear accountabilities and milestones, integration of critical dependencies and enabling capabilities, and planning for incremental investment or debt reduction.

We keep it simple

We take into account the maturity of your business and your team. Planning is a skill set built over time. When your team lacks the experience of planning, we also fulfill the role of a trainer, skillfully teaching concepts your team can utilize time and again.

The success of a strategic off-site meeting often lies in the preparation for the meeting itself. Although it may seem paradoxical, it’s only from rigorously designed meetings that truly candid strategy discussions arise. A structured  agenda helps you get deeper, quicker. We know how to structure the agenda you need to be successful.

As  leadership teams experience the power of well-designed strategy meetings, they become more adept at doing the work of strategy and planning together. Not only will your business have a defined plan, your team will know how to execute that plan throughout the year.

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