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Leadership initiatives that provide total transformation of people, organizations and the world.

Our Approach

We engage and collaborate with organizations of all sizes to transform them from the inside out, working with both teams and individuals to lay the foundation for total transformation and life-changing leadership initiatives.

Leadership Development

Utilizing our award winning leadership programs as well as coaching, training, consulting and facilitation programs, we expertly deliver leadership development tactics that establish a firm foundation for future growth.

Who We Work With

Our clients are exceptional. They are innovators, out-of-the-box thinkers, young for their position or status. They range from entrepreneurial, socially-conscious, best-selling authors, Ted Talk experts, public figures and celebrities.


All of our programs contain both training and coaching components that are designed to teach skills and impart knowledge to the individual or group, and to make training principals meaningful and integral for each participant. Training Programs are offered on site and virtually.


At People Biz, our professionally trained coaches dig deep to support you in uncovering exactly what will transform your life and your work. In every coaching and training interaction, we actively encourage you move beyond your comfort zone, bringing power to your full potential.


Our overall approach to training and development is experiential, not tell-and-sell. Our customized programs will contain both training and coaching components, which mean that they are designed to teach skills and impart knowledge to the group.


Consulting, training and coaching when you need a Leadership Development program that actually works.

Leading Change - Recognized by as one of the Nation’s Top Leadership Programs!