Leadership Programs

Becoming a Leader through the Transformational Leadership Principle

Leading change through a clear and compelling vision, rather than forcing, controlling or problem solving is the Transformational Leadership Principle upon which we base our work. All though this strategy works, it is not often used.

Every solution or skill set we utilize is different depending on what your needs are, what your budget is and what your willingness is to engage in this transformational process.

This is where total transformation occurs; leaders emerge and the status quo is challenged. Successful individuals and organizations are strengthened and propelled forward as teams unite under a common mindset, language and vision. We provide the tools and expertise that enable Transformational Leadership to occur every day.

Our Leadership Programs

Leading Change

Leading Change is a leadership development program that supports participants in their transformation to becoming a leader, and teaches participants how to deliberately access and shift into a state of leadership.

Coaching Skills
for Leaders

This management training course is designed to transform your ability to engage others by moving you from a command-and-control model of communication to one of collaboration and accountability.


A coach engages and facilitates focused dialogue, challenges, inquires, cajoles, inspires, provokes, offers support, and collaborates with their clients on business issues and goals, while focusing on the personal development of the client.

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