Our Leaders: Alicia Marie

Alicia Marie, PCC,
Executive & Business Coach

Alicia Marie is a recognized national leader in the field of coaching and training. For nearly two decades, she has coached managers, leaders, and professionals on how to build lives and businesses truly worth having.

Through her company, People Biz, Inc., Alicia has developed numerous tools to support and educate business owners, individuals, and professionals.

Alicia is a popular speaker and workshop leader; she has written and led hundreds of programs on leading and managing employees, communication skills, health and well-being, fearless business practices and entrepreneurial success to clients, professional associations, and small businesses.

Her insatiable desire to learn more about people, along with her expertise in behavioral sciences, neuro-linguistics, and business, give her a unique ability to powerfully address the challenges her clients face. Alicia has numerous coaching certifications, including her PCC with the International Coach Federation.

Alicia enjoys talking to new coaches about building a business because most coaches aren’t relating to their practice this way.

She is a mother of three adult children and grandmother of two, a yoga enthusiast, and a runner. Having spent most of her life in Texas, Alicia currently resides in the Austin metro area.

Alicia Marie has successfully coached executives, business owners, and teams in a number of areas, including:

  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs and Founders
  • Independent Professionals and Free-Lancers
  • Fast-Growing Businesses
  • Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Endeavors
  • Virtual and Location-Independent Businesses

Your life’s work deserves a coach. Alicia Marie can support you with:

  • Articulating vision, goals and strategy
  • Developing actionable plans
  • Your next big move
  • Identifying strengths and developing growth plans
  • Working on your business, not just in it
  • Achieving balance between work, health, home, and social life
  • Managing stressful issues or difficult circumstances with ease
  • Supporting clear choices involving high risk or challenge
  • Simplifying life to reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Improving relationships in your personal life, or with employees, vendors, and clients

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