Leading Change Mastery

An extension of our award-winning Leading Change Program

In Leading Change, you discovered what we all sensed already: leadership is about relationships. Consider the quality of your relationships, your ability to engage others in your vision, your ability to truly collaborate with others, and your ability to allow others to contribute to you, to touch you at your core.

Leading Change is a prerequisite for this program.

In Leading Change Mastery, you will:

  • Naturally utilize the energy of courage to examine “who you are being” in relationship to others
  • Look at the stories that have kept you separate or different from others
  • Discover a deep connection to yourself and therefore others
  • Set out to enrich and enliven your relationships, develop new ones and revive old ones.

Your families, employees, and expanded communities will all benefit.

You will become more at home with the experience of being human and the accompanying emotion that is there to guide you. Whether we are aware of it or not, our emotional state has everything to do with the quality of our life, from what we experience internally, to how we express ourselves in the world.

It is easy to be receptive to positive emotions like peace, love, and joy, but more difficult to embrace overwhelm, anxiety, or grief.

To be internally open or emotionally masterful, you must be open to all emotion. Being open emotionally is a courageous choice.It is about faith, your trust in life and yourself.

Leading Change provided to tools for you to skim the surface of emotional awareness. In the mastery program, you will become at home with ALL emotion. You will become facile with it easily moving from fear to courage, from overwhelm to reason, and from anxiety to peace.

In this course, you identify patterns at the core of your stories, and permanently dismantle any that have kept you stuck. Once you release these old patterns, possibility is present and you are now free to create.

Emotions are contagious. Scientists have discovered that when two or more people are together, all are actually influenced by the dominant emotion in the room. You will expand your ability to be responsible for this, be committed to empowering others, and take a stand for yourself and others. You will learn to have power with others versus power over others.  In addition to engaging in the elements of emotional intelligence, you will learn to be an unstoppable agent for change in any area or circumstance.

What if you were completely responsible for yourself, your purpose, and your impact on the world?

Imagine feeling free — of “should,” or “have to,” and instead feeling as if you can manage anything that comes your way.  Life is no longer scary. It is now the place that you have arrived to fulfill your purpose, to play and express “who you are.”Now, imagine being able to lead others to this place.

What difference would you make, and with whom?
About the Program

The entire program is conducted over the phone and consists of 15 sessions, over a 5-month period with each call lasting 1 hour.

If you miss a session, all calls are recorded and immediately available on the groups private website and message board.

You will receive a student notebook

You will have a program leader who is a Professionally Certified Coach

You must have attended at least 11 of the 15 sessions of Leading Change.


The tuition for this 5-month, 15-session program is $995.  Tuition is reduced to $795, if you register while you are still participating in an active Leading Change Program.

As with all of our public training programs, the Leading Change Program is free to our current *full-time coaching clients.

*Coaching three times a month.

Leading Change - Recognized by HR.com as one of the Nation’s Top Leadership Programs!