Alicia did some work with my senior team around vision, culture and SMT dynamics, which was hugely beneficial. Amazing how much she accomplished in a short space of time, and I would highly recommend her.

Paul Taylor
CEO, Wild and Wolf in UK

Alicia facilitated a 2 day workshop for our Leadership Team designed to properly articulate our Vision and Values and develop a blueprint for our Culture. Alicia skills go way beyond just facilitation – her approach is direct and challenging: holding the team to account in a non confrontational way but still getting to the heart of the matter. She creates an environment that ensures nothing is left unsaid and uses her coaching skills to ensure everyone can contribute effectively. Alicia understood our culture and our team really well from what was a small number of pre-sessions and interviews. Alicia is an exceptional facilitator and would highly recommend her.

Valerie Steadman
Global HR Director, Wild and Wolf in UK

If you are reading this recommendation, stop here, and pick up the phone and call PeopleBiz now!! I’ve been coaching with Alicia for 4 years and I’ve completed the courses offered. I can say that I got way more than I signed up for! I wanted to boost my career and I wanted to be able to handle any situation or confrontation without getting emotionally charged. What I got was unexpected: I got comfortable in my own skin, I now feel grounded. I enjoy loving, open engagement with everyone in my life – both professionally and personally; and I’m able to handle any situation collaboratively, focusing on the resolution. All that I’ve learned has made me a more effective leader in my communities, and a better friend. I’ve found peace of mind; and the best part is I have fun every single day. Thank you Alicia Marie and PeopleBiz.

Sunita Pradhan
Vice President, Customer Success, Hospitals and Health Systems at ELLKAY

Alicia has been a part of my business conscious since 2015. Her curiosity, intuition and insight have significantly helped me lead and manage through a variety of business challenges and opportunities. I leave every conversation knowing a little more about myself and how to become increasingly effective with my teams, colleagues and leaders. My biggest compliment is that Alicia leads with questions and forces you to be extraordinarily self-reflective. Her engagement and interaction enable you to leverage practical problem solving methods (even when you are the problem); resulting in objective situational assessment with an eye toward taking action.

Christopher Hollins
Managing Director, Head of Indirect Sales, Chase Business Banking

Alicia is a consummate professional. She worked with my sales team and me and quickly was able to establish a rapport, trust and ascertain changes that needed to be made in our processes. Alicia is extremely intelligent and delivered everything that I had asked of her, in a timely, clear and professional fashion. She is upbeat, well versed and brings a broad knowledge that she shares with clarity and joy. I highly recommend Alicia and would be happy to talk to anyone about her skills and abilities. Hire her, you will be better for it.

Jane Spicer
CEO at Daphne's Headcovers

I have been a client of Alicia’s for about a decade now – she has coached me through many phases of my career – from a struggling small business owner, to a thriving entrepreneur with a lean, mean operation, to the manager of a large and complex legal practice in a global firm, to my current role as the owner and manager of another successful small firm. Throughout all these years she has provided excellent support and guidance – I could not have done it without her!

Becki Young
Partner at Grossman Young & Hammond, LLC

My experience with PeopleBiz, and especially with Alicia Marie, has been transformative. I do not believe that businesspeople are “born leaders.” Leaders are shaped and molded by experiences, and the very best are always curious. Alicia’s programs have not only prepared me for the next decade of leadership, I have enjoyed sharing them with my staff, as I work on preparing the next generation of female leaders.

Amy Power
President and CEO of The Power Group

I have been coaching with Alicia Marie for just over two years. My work with her has included individual coaching, Leading Change, Leading Change Mastery, Goal Setting and Coaching classes. In addition, I hired her to do some org strategy work and culture work with my team. Various members of my team have completed Leading Change. The impact and shift on the organization and my leadership style has been unbelievable. I feel as though I personally have experience a complete transformation. The same is true for the culture of my company. If you are willing to have tough conversations and do the work, Alicia Marie is for you!

President and Founder of GDA Speakers

I have worked with Alicia through individual coaching and the PeopleBiz e-learning group courses Leading Change and Coaching Skills for leaders. My interactions with her have resulted in me becoming more confident in my abilities as a leader and helped to guide me to a fundamental shift in how I see people in order to more effectively lead them. Alicia has the ability to ask pointed and direct questions which ensure you think critically about any challenge you are faced with and require to leverage both past learning and newly acquired skills to find your solution. The investment made in myself by working with Alicia has already begun to pay dividends and I would recommend Alicia and PeopleBiz to anyone looking to take their career to the next level.

Jordan Miller
Senior Strategic Marketing Manager at Kerry

ONE OF THE BEST BUSINESS DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE. Alicia has transformed me, our leadership team and company over the last year. The opportunities that have presented themselves since we brought her team on have increased in all sectors of the business. If you need help with leadership, management, culture, office trainings, hiring processes, organizational charts, the vision/mission, growth plans, systems, and budget models, you have found the right company. That is only some of what they can do.

Ashley Wainscott
CEO & Founder at Simply Sold

These new tools from The Coaching Clinic are exactly what our leadership team needs! Watching our managers find their ‘aha’ moments were exciting to see and I can’t wait to see it all in action.

Nicole Wells
HR Generalist, Compass Learning, Inc.

I had the opportunity to start Mastery immediately after completing Leading Change. This allowed me to build on the momentum I gained in Leading Change. A year after completing Mastery, I continue to find new levels of understanding around the principles from both programs. This tells me that the experience created a lasting transformation. I am at peace in my professional and personal life – no longer allowing circumstances to dictate my mood or actions. I know how to create what I want – and that I can “uncreate” it if I change my mind. I welcome all emotion and know that it is transitory. In short – I’ve learned to swim with the current.

Carol Nemir
Leadership and Career Coach

Leading Change has allowed me to change my thinking and become internally directed and people focused. It’s not easy challenging your long held ways of thinking and being. But through Leading Change I’ve learned how to address my fears and how to achieve different levels of courage and leadership. I’m finally starting to embrace being uncomfortable as a path to growth and better align my actions with my values.

Curt Palmer
VP Client Services, Bi Health Technology

The consulting from People Biz has helped our team acquire many new skills and accentuated our innate leadership talents. The coaching and training have become such a benefit to our growth that I have instilled it as part of our executive team curriculum. Deborah’s approach is both inspirational and practical. They have set us up for success during a period of massive growth for the Austin Film Society.

Rebecca Campbell
Executive Director, Austin Film Society

I attended many of the People Biz, Inc. workshops and all of them were very interesting! It wasn’t a bunch of fluff. Alicia didn’t let us get away with anything and she did it in a respectful, but firm way. She didn’t allow the directors to lead, kept us on topic and made sure we understood each and every point. One of the concepts that I will never forget is the concept of Dialogue. It gave me a completely different way of looking at everything and I started to shut up and listen, especially to people I may have not listened to in the past.

Joe Hayden
IT Director, Compass Learning, Inc.

I needed someone with a no nonsense approach for business growth. I also desired someone to be more of a partner, rather than a “tell me what to do” coach. I got both. My coach holds me accountable, keeps things moving and always allows me guide the conversation to fit my needs. Coaching is valuable. If you have a business license, you better have a coach. People Biz, Inc. is a great place to get one.”

Renee Schofield
Pat Sankey

Let me count the ways that People Biz, Inc. has impacted my life – nope, can’t count that high! With caring and challenging coaching and leadership training unlike anything I have ever been a part of, my life is better, my business is better, my team is better, even those I love have benefited from the insights I have gained from this caring and excellent company. I look forward to our continued time together!

Pat Sankey
Real Estate Consultant, Keller Williams Legacy

I was a little dubious at first, since I am already a seasoned veteran with decades of successful management under my belt. I am supposed to be The Guy that others turn to for direction and guidance. There are gimmicks and programs by the hundreds on the market, but People Biz, Inc. provided me something anyone of any level needs – a sounding board or “selfie,” a reflection of your own thoughts and ideas with just the right mix of correction so that the image in the mirror can be what you want to be, not what you currently see. Alicia is exceptionally adept at listening, almost a forgotten art in today’s tell all, blab all culture. She is able to draw out the process enough (not with the prototypical questions that all sales people were taught to utilize) so that you dig more deeply, leaving the superficial excuses exposed and deposed. Anyone contemplating change and improvement will appreciate that most of us know what to do but simply fail to execute the fundamentals – and People Biz, Inc., Alicia, enables you to self-correct. The tools she brings to the table, the lasting insights into self, and the analysis of environmental influences she understands based on conversations with so many others who face similar growth limiters will absolutely impact both your professional and personal life! And there is a side benefit, not one that is advertised or listed in any promotional material – you might just get to begin a lifelong friendship with Alicia and others on her team! Priceless.

Scott Medford
Chief Sales Officer, Invengo International

Coaching with People Biz, Inc. has supported me in making significant improvements in my leadership skills, creating my own definition of success, and being true to myself. My coach is an outstanding listener with creative and unique insights. I highly recommend coaching with People Biz for those who want to improve their effectiveness in any area of life.

Karina Miller
Sr. Director of Human Resources, Impinj, Inc.

I began coaching with Alicia when I was starting my business ~5 years ago, and working with her has been nothing short of transformational. I now consider Alicia an integral member of my team, and have been in regular coaching with Alicia ever since. I have also completed Leading Change, Leading Change Mastery, Coaching Clinic, Goal Setting, and Health Works. The impact and shift I have seen within myself, and also in my business, has changed the way I show up both in my business and in life. I highly recommend Alicia to anyone looking for compassionate support and transformational change in their life and business.

Michelle Shemilt 

No matter who are you, life can always get better. My coach at People Biz, Inc. is everything a person could want in an executive coach. She is a patient listener, a deep thinker, and has the knack for helping me discover the answers within myself that I’m unable to see. She has coached me through two very difficult career transitions, and I do not believe I could have made it to where I am today without her guidance. Whether I’m dealing with an acute, critical professional crisis or am simply doing well but hitting a wall with personal growth, her insight and focus always find a way to help me discover a path forward that was eluding me before.

Paul Hoeffer
Manager Legal Systems, Amazon

I participated in the Leading Change program and the Leading Change Mastery program. The work we did has been transformative for both my career and my personal relationships. My group leader held me accountable with fierceness and compassion – her unwavering belief in my ability to extend my sphere of influence kept me pushing my old boundaries. I would recommend Leading Change and the mastery program to those who are ready to commit fully to change and growth!

Ginger Moffitt
HR Generalist, Intellectual Ventures

I recently had the opportunity to take The Coaching Clinic through People Biz, Inc., and it has literally transformed my life. Before the training I thought a lot about myself and I felt like I was stuck, but didn’t know why. I’m at a place now that I feel confident in developing a vision, casting a vision, being a part of that vision and then doing it all over again. Through the process of coaching, I came to realize what for me was a block, was just an opportunity to explore possibility. I am now committed to my time and my team.

Paul Fournier
Manager, Technology PMO at Seattle Information Technology

My People Biz, Inc. coach has become an extension of my corporate team. The work we’ve done with her this past year has supported the development of a five-year strategic plan. We set an increased revenue goal of 75% for our fiscal year and we are on track to reach that goal! It has allowed us to add key staff positions to grow our business. My coach has been integral to working with me on employee development and delegation and to assure that everyone is operating to their highest good for the company to continue to grow and prosper.

Gwen Griffin
President, Griffin Marketing

Rapid growth can be a scary thing. People Biz helped us to project the path our growth can take in terms of organization and staffing. We also were helped by their Leading Change workshop and the coaching they provided to our firm leaders and future leaders. We are very satisfied with the result: we have grown from a small company to a larger, better organized and more mature company, and our staff is much more confident in their ability to adapt to change.

Dean Maddalena
President, studioSIX5

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