Optimized Coaching Services

Are you considering engaging a coach?

You may wonder, “If I’m already successful, why do I need a coach?”

Just like professional athletes, musicians, and singers, you hire a coach to help you identify and overcome any obstacles hindering you from reaching your full potential.

While many people could benefit from a coach, some hesitate due to the misconception that coaching is only for those who need help. In reality, we all have blind spots. A skilled coach evaluates both your strengths and weaknesses to enhance performance, promote long-term solutions, and stimulate innovative thinking.

Watch a Sample Coaching Session: A young entrepreneur discusses her business
strategy with business coach, Alicia Marie.

At People Biz, our professionally trained coaches delve deep to help you discover the key to transforming your life and work. We consistently encourage you to step out of your comfort zone during coaching and training sessions, enabling you to break through barriers and experience unprecedented growth.

Why Hire a People Biz Coach?

● Broaden your vision for clearer decision-making and planning
● Develop actionable plans
● Identify sustainable strategies for continuous improvement
● Set clear goals with a well-defined path forward
● Improve communication skills and engage employees
● Gain fresh perspectives for increased satisfaction and freedom
● Overcome limiting patterns, thoughts, or habits

Benefits of Hiring a People Biz Coach:

● Complimentary enrollment in our award-winning leadership development
programs (Leading Change & Leading Change Mastery)
● A complimentary individual coaching session for each employee
● Access to a vast array of business tools and resources
● Discounts on services such as HR on Demand and Financial Dashboard
● Unlimited email support

Types of Coaching Available



Total Solutions

Coaching Case Studies

Big Buzz

Wendy Phillips, CEO of Big Buzz, has been a People Biz business coaching client for over 11 years. She and her leadership team have participated in our Leading Change Program and our Coaching Clinic Program, boosting their measurable results from their coaching program.

GDA Speakers

Gail Davis, Founder and President of GDA Speakers, came to People Biz, Inc. at a time when her business was experiencing turnover and culture issues. Gail participated in our individual coaching and leadership courses, and brought Alicia Marie in for a company-wide culture training.

You will see results on your bottom line!

Coaching clients report a dramatic difference in their personal productivity and financial growth.