Dr. Rob Hausman and Dr. Martha Pyron, MD Featured in L Style G Style Magazine

Two of our clients featured in one magazine?  We’re so proud!   Dr. Rob Hausman of Hausman Chiropractic & Acupuncture and Dr. Martha Pyron, MD of Medicine in Motion have both been featured in the “Reveal” section of L Style G Style Magazine this month. 

Christopher Carbone’s article about Dr. Rob, as his patients call him, reveals how “his daily work and community outreach go beyond removing the physical pain that his patients are feeling.  The stereotype of the aloof, overly clinical and in-a-big-rush doctor is one that Hausman consciously works against each day.  Having built up a lot of confidence in himself and his ability to run his own business, Hausman is looking forward to growing more as he continues to provide a positive, welcoming environment for his patients.  ‘Helping someone experience less pain today than they otherwise would is significant,’ Hausman said.  ‘That’s the neat part of my job, there’s a more instant gratification: people usually do feel better when they walk out.'”  Read full article here.

The article about Medicine in Motion, also by Christopher Carbone, reveals that Dr. Pyron’s “decision to open her own clinic was based on wanting to fill a niche in the health care field in Austin.  The most rewarding aspect is the conversations that happen behind closed doors, when she realizes the impact her work is having, and the bridges she’s building for her patients.  ‘It’s as simple as helping somebody.  They’re injured and I help them get better, or I help them through some process,’ Pyron said. ‘It’s rewarding to create an environment where someone can share a conversation about something they feel vulnerable about – and in health care there’s a lot of that – and you’re able to provide that for them.'”  Read full article here.

We’re so fortunate to have such inspiring clients.  Congratulations, Dr. Rob and Dr. P!