Leading Change

Our award-winning Leading Change Program:

Have you ever attended a leadership training program that left you excited and inspired, but ultimately after that initial pumped up feeling you were fundamentally unchanged? Were you unable to integrate the theories, practices, and behaviors you learned into your daily life?

We hear this all of the time. At People Biz , we don’t just talk about leadership, we develop leaders.

The Leading Change program…

  • Stresses leadership as a mental and emotional state, a way of being
  • Is NOT about teaching leadership behaviors and practices, but understanding that behaviors and practices are an outcome of being in the state of leadership
  • Supports people in their transformation to becoming a leader
  • Teaches participants how to access and shift into a state of leadership

Leading Change is not just another leadership training program, so it isn’t structured like one either.

The program consists of:

  • One hour group call, three times a month for five months – easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules, and the length of the call enables information to be digested and integrated into your day-to-day.
  • A small class size – no more than 12 participants so you work with other professionals from outside your organization, around the country, and different industries; giving you an expanded perspective.
  • Time and cost efficiency.
3 Components of Leading Change

Emotional Intelligence Development 

Development of Leadership Competencies

Learning to easily communicate from vision versus the past – from solutions versus problems


The non-refundable tuition for this 5-month,15-session program, is $995. A payment plan is available upon request.

Small business grants may be available to companies with less than 20 employees.

As with all of our public training programs, the Leading Change Program is free to our current individual coaching clients.

From Managing Director and creator of the Leading Change program Alicia Marie:

“Even after 25 years of personal growth and development, taking countless growth and development courses, reading books, and being coached, I still felt as if I had not addressed something vital to my growth.

"What about how I feel? Do I just have to keep swallowing my fear and buck up? I definitely had grown, learned how to engage, was able to clearly state a goal or vision and keep my word; all skills and abilities one looks to gain when developing oneself.

"I realized that every book I read or course I took only emphasized the psychological and cognitive aspect of growth. Emotion was often dismissed or not addressed, so I dove deep into my own emotional experience and created Leading Change as a result. Leading Change truly supports leaders in total personal growth and development because it includes the missing element of  emotional intelligence.”

Ready To Get Started?

Groups form monthly. Only 12 leaders are accepted for each program.

Leading Change - Recognized by HR.com as one of the Nation’s Top Leadership Programs!