Deborah Huyer’s Resource Materials


The Difference Between Goals, Strategies, and Actions and Why You Care

Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant, Deborah Huyer, shares a very easy way to understand and remember what goals, strategies and actions are and the difference between them.

ROI of Employee Engagement

Did you know that most companies are operating at 78% engagement? Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant, Deborah Huyer, shares why employee engagement has such a great impact on your return on investment.

At People Biz, we can support you in creating meaningful employee engagement surveys, get a pulse on your current engagement levels, and work with you to identify interventions and programs to help increase your engagement.

Deborah Huyer Discusses the Award-Winning Leading Change Program

The Leading Change Program is not just another leadership course. It is an award-winning program that emphasizes leadership as a mental and emotional state, a way of being.

It is NOT about teaching leadership behaviors and practices, but understanding that behaviors and practices are an outcome of being in the state of leadership.

Watch Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant, Deborah Huyer discuss the Leading Change Program.


Death of a Dinosaur: The End of the Annual Performance Review

The annual performance review has become a dinosaur because it has failed to change and evolve much in the last 50 years, while everything around it in business has.

Leading Change Through Vision

The world, business and of course each one of us is in a constant state of change. Markets change, staff changes, strategies change, our bodies change, new trends and patterns of thought are always influencing us. How we navigate change itself is vital to our success as a leader. Therefore,  leading ourselves, our staff and our organizations through change is a key leadership competency for success.

Why Companies Are Creating Coaching Cultures

The business landscape is changing quickly and old thinking is not going to solve new problems. A new approach to working with people to achieve business results is essential.

One Size Does Not Fit All

When it comes to your resume, that is… If you are using the same resume for all your job applications, you are doing both yourself and the recruiters a great disservice. Here’s why.

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