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6 Tips for Staying Motivated Through the Holidays

Do you look forward to the “season of peace” every year only to be reminded that the anticipation, excitement and joy of the holidays are often rivaled only by the stress, exhaustion and discontent of the holidays? If you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle or […]

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How to Stay Happy and Healthy During the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, things can get a little stressful. Planning for the holidays can leave us feeling impatient, cranky, and really take a toll on our health and happiness. So, what can you do? Show a little gratitude! While chronic fear is bad for you, it […]

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Health Works: All to Help a Friend

The Beginnings of the Health Works Program Almost twenty years ago, our Founder and Managing Director, Alicia Marie decided to support a coworker in getting healthy. Years before, she herself had been diagnosed with a serious illness, and was told she wouldn’t live much longer. Given her […]

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Health Works Program Now Open For Registration!

Our powerful wellness program is back and is slated to begin October 2015! At People Biz, Inc. we focus on the Transformational Leadership Principle, a principle based on the premise that real change can only happen when leaders are actively engaged in their own growth and development. […]

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FREE Skype Coaching Session With a People Biz Coach

For a limited time only, People Biz coaches will be offering FREE 30 minute Skype coaching sessions to be used for marketing. This is a great opportunity for current clients to get an extra call or for new clients to see what coaching is all about. These […]

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How To Excel As A Manager

Management means getting things done through others. As a manager, you get paid for what your people do, not what you do. Because your employees actually do the work, they are responsible for the team’s results and ultimately your paycheck. That’s why it’s so important to lead […]

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Why All This Talk of Coaching vs Managing?

By Alicia Marie For years, there have been managers, so why now has there been all this talk of coaching employees rather than managing them? First, take a look at the descriptions of a manager vs a coach: A job description of a manager… “Controls, directs and […]

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What Coaching Is and Isn’t

People often confuse coaching with many other areas such as consulting or counseling. While many of our coaches also work as consultants and mentors, individual coaching is different. Here are some definitions to help you get a clear understanding of what coaching is and isn’t: A mentor […]

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Monologue Is A Lonely Place To Be: Effective Communication Skills

Do you find yourself telling employees to do something only to have to tell them again? This is what we call the “command and control” model of communication and it is what so many of us use because it’s all we know. One of the biggest challenges […]

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People Don’t Resist Change; They Resist “Being” Changed

By ALICIA MARIE Transformational Change within Your Organization Guiding change may be the ultimate test of a leader; no business survives over the long term if it can’t reinvent itself and adapt to its changing environment. But, human nature being what it is, fundamental change is often resisted […]

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