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According to a study by the Center for Creative Leadership, traditional training accounts for a 10% impact on learning.  When coaching is added, the impact jumps to 30%.  When combined with individual development plans and on the job opportunities supported by coaching, the impact on learning jumps to 70%.

(Source – Human Capital Institute, 2013 Human Capital Strategist HCS)


Achieve Transformational Leadership through Total Solutions

We provide comprehensive, customized Total Solutions that include consulting, training and coaching for organizations who are interested in a Leadership Development program that actually works.

We engage and collaborate with organizations of all sizes to help them transform from the inside out, working with both teams and individuals to lay the foundation for total transformation.

Total Solutions provides clients with:

  • The necessary resources to lead based on the Transformational Leadership Principle
  • Tools, resources, and expertise to achieve total transformation in every aspect of their business
  • A unique and in-depth strategy that gives way to true total transformation and leadership development
  • Customized initiatives tailored to clients’ specific needs and goals

How Does it Work?

First, we take new clients through a discovery process to determine the needs of the organization, which may include:

  • Employee engagement survey
  • People Audit
  • Organizational strategy
  • HR Audit
  • Change management strategy
  • Or a multitude of training options and one-on-one coaching of key leaders in the organization

Every solution or skill set we utilize is different depending on the need, budget, and willingness to engage in this transformational process.

What to Expect

Utilizing our award-winning leadership programs and communication systems, we deliver leadership development tactics that form firm foundations for future growth.

Successful individuals and organizations are strengthened and propelled forward as teams unite under a common mindset, language, and vision.

We provide the tools and expertise that allow total transformation to take place every day.

Be a Part of the Movement.

Change can only happen when a leader is actively engaged in personal growth and is communicating effectively on a regular basis. This is about leading change from a vision, a potential, or a possibility.

Imagine if all the conversations you had were about leading change from that vision, potential or possibility.

What if you could learn how to use and articulate that vision to achieve transformative change?

People follow vision, not knowledge. Your ability to focus on the vision rather than the problem invites others to do the same. Your curiosity and open mind engages others around you leaving them willing to do the same. This type of thinking leads to INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, TEAMWORK, and UNPRECEDENTED RESULTS.

This is when vision realization occurs and subsequent results occur.

Employee Engagement Resources

Fact: Employees who report “somewhat engaged” and “actively engaged” on surveys, give more discretionary effort above and beyond their job requirement

For this reason, an employee engagement survey is almost always part of the discovery process. The following tools are meant to be a starting point to support you in learning more about employee engagement.

Employee Engagement – Dollars & Sense

The ROI of Employee Engagement

Keys to Engagement – Leading Virtual Meetings

What Really Influences Employee Motivation by Harvard Business Review

Raving Fans:

Dean Maddalena, President, studioSIX5

“Rapid growth can be a scary thing. People Biz helped us to project the path our growth can take in terms of organization and staffing. We also were helped by their Leading Change workshop and the coaching they provided to our firm leaders and future leaders. We are very satisfied with the result: we have grown from a small company to a larger, better organized and more mature company, and our staff is much more confident in their ability to adapt to change.”

– Dean Maddalena, President, studioSIX5

Get the Total Transformation

Don’t just solve one part of the problem. Be the solution. At People Biz, Inc., we offer Total Solutions, a comprehensive program that provides clients with the resources they need to lead based on the Transformational Leadership Principle. This program also provides the tools, resources and expertise to achieve total transformation in every aspect of their lives.

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