The Game of Marketing

Marketing SeminarOne Day Course

This course is great for new marketing professionals, business owners and sales people. This is a basic marketing course with a practical application!

Marketing is not advertising…Advertising is only one of many marketing functions. It is the most visible and perhaps the most notorious, but there is a great deal more to marketing than advertising.

Marketing is not promotion or sales…

You can be an excellent salesperson and horrible marketer or excellent marketer and awful salesperson. So if marketing is not advertising, promotions, social media, branding and sales …what is it?

Marketing is a set of lenses you use to look at your business-your entire business.

In other words, marketing is not just one part or function of your business: it is not even the primary or most important part. Marketing is a perspective, a distinctive and essential way of looking at the whole business.


  • What marketing is and what marketing isn’t!
  • Power of perspective
  • Differentiation:understanding who your business is and whqt makes it unique
  • Identifying the sales process and marketing that supports it
  • Creating Alignment with your customer
  • Role Description – designing what your customer wants!

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“I have been in sales for years. I thought I knew all about marketing. I now have an entirely different ‘perspective’. The ability to see my business from the customer’s ‘point of view’!”

– Joe Ferguson, Sales Manager

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