Customized Training

Our customized solutions resolve these issues:

  • Accountability
  • Strategy
  • Plans
  • Results
  • Change
  • Morale
  • Measuring performance
  • Political behavior
  • Customer service
  • Systems and processes
  • Exit strategy
  • Productivity
  • Leadership
  • Profit
  • Hiring and on-boarding
  • Sales and values

Our trainings can address these type of topics:

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Transform Yourself, Your Team, Your World

Learn about our Core Offerings and how our team can work alongside you for total transformation.

With more than twenty years of experience writing customized training programs for teams and organizations, we know that all groups have unique objectives and needs. As with individuals, teams and organizations have their own set of goals, challenges and opportunities for growth.

Our overall approach to training and development is experiential, not “tell and sell.” Our programs contain both training and coaching components, which means that they are designed to teach skills and impart knowledge to the group, and make training principals meaningful and integral for each participant. It is our experience that adding coaching to any training situation creates sustainable results that are not possible with training alone.

Training sessions are highly interactive, facilitated workshops. They engage and inspire new thinking, provide opportunities for practical application, and give participants action plans for continued growth. Our programs are designed to transform not only the individual, but to elevate teams and organizations to higher levels of performance and engagement.

Adult learning principles inform the course design. Adults are internally motivated and self-directed, bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences, are goal oriented, relevancy oriented, practical, and want to be respected.

Get the Total Transformation

Don’t just solve one part of the problem. Be the solution. At People Biz, Inc., we offer Total Solutions, a comprehensive program that provides clients with the resources they need to lead based on the Transformational Leadership Principle. You will receive a comprehensive program that can include coaching, training facilitation and consulting, which will lay the foundation of your future success.


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