Total Rewards and Employee Recognition Program

Most employee recognition, incentive and bonus plans fail to boost morale, improve performance, increase employee engagement or even employee satisfaction.

What we say, what we do and what we reward drives and creates culture. Culture drives behavior, which impacts performance & productivity. The incentives and rewards you choose need to align with the culture you want to create. So for example; if you have want to reward performance, don’t give holiday bonuses based on tenure.

  • When decisions about compensation, rewards and benefits are systematic, holistic and communicated with employees, the organization’s expectations of its employees become clear. They will know how they will be rewarded and how to reach their personal career and financial goals.
  • By sharing your expectations through your Total Rewards Philosophy, you’re also giving your employees more control over their destiny, thereby raising satisfaction and retention.
  • Your Total Rewards Philosophy should support the mission, strategy and culture of the organization. When you reward the behaviors that you want your organization to be known for, your employees will act in a way that supports your brand and mission.
  • This is one of the primary reasons an organization would want to establish a Total Rewards Philosophy and Program.

Before you choose your employee recognition plan,bonus structure, profit sharing plan or establish employee incentives consider the above.



Deborah Huyer, Executive & Organizational Coach

Deborah has more than 20 years of experience in business holding roles of VP of Operations, VP of HR, organizational development and talent management consultant. A provider of results-oriented organizational coaching and consulting, she brings a rare combination of both business management experience and HR leadership, and aligning organization and people development strategies to achieve business results and enable growth.

A recent example is her work with Defran Systems, a human services software company focusing on Child and Family Services, Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities both non-profit and for-profit agencies. Working with the CEO and leadership team, she helped transform this 26-year-old company stuck in an agency and entitlement culture into a highly profitable, well-run business that was successfully acquired.

Deborah is a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), certified Human Capital Strategist (HCS) and Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) by the Human Capital Institute. She is also certified as a Thomas International PPA (DISC) Assessment Analyst. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and CEFTP certified graduate of Coach Inc.

As an Organizational consultant, her methodology includes discovery and analysis to design programs and training to help organizations and its people achieve their goals. Her specialty is helping others lead and manage successful change initiatives including acquisitions, integration, organizational, and culture change.

Her business acumen and experience differentiates her and establishes credibility as an Executive Coach. Her approach is to engage clients in coaching conversations that challenge them to generate new thinking beyond their current limits in a safe environment – helping successful leaders get even better.

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