Top 10 Customer Service Tips for Entrepreneurs

Customer Service Tips for EntrepreneursThe level of service you provide your customers is beyond important. Extraordinary customer service is what will keep people coming back to you over and over again and sending referrals your way; it is the path to growing your business as an entrepreneur.

For this reason we wanted to share a few customer service tips with you.

Top 10 Customer Service Tips for Entrepreneurs

  • When a customer buys a service from you, what are they buying?  Your promise.  Your business promises are your most valuable commodity as an entrepreneur.  Keep your word – your customer will notice and so will your target market.
  • Tell your customers what to expect from you and from the process.  It will prevent misunderstandings and assumptions about what is next.
  • Don’t assume you are giving great service, ask.  What could we do to improve the level of service we are providing?
  • For real feedback, consider sending an anonymous survey – try
  • Speak with your customers quarterly.  Ask if they are having problems or ask for areas for you to improve your products or service.
  • Be someone your customers want to talk to.
  • Problems are a lot easier to solve when you are on good terms with the customer.
  • Keep your customers informed about upcoming changes.
  • Do the unexpected, again and again.
  • “You can’t build a reputation on what you intend to do.” Intention is one thing, action is another. There are a lot of ideas out there, but the implementation of the ideas is what makes them valuable. Being reliable means taking action, following through on intentions.

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