Success Tools for Managers

Management Tools

  • Am I coach-able? – We have found that the issue is usually one of two things; either we are thinking too much and not in action or we are doing too much and not thinking.
  • Silent Coaching – This activity works as a great way to coach yourself and is a wonderful group exercise.
  • Environment of Accountability – Does your environment support accountability? What could be missing?
  • 4 Steps to Finding the Right Coach for You– Read about how to find a great coach
  • Values Assessment – Identifying your personal values is an important part of a successful career plan. In this context, the word “value” refers to how you feel about the work itself and the contribution it makes to society. Most people who pursue work that is congruent with their values feel satisfied and successful in their careers.
  • Individual Development Plan – Why aren’t your employees growing? Maybe you have been diligently giving feedback and supporting your employees with 360 Assessments etc. Maybe they need an Individual Development Plan? See a sample plan along with the blank downloadable tool.
  • What is Culture? Even with all the money, the best product or service, or amazing and talented people, culture can make or break a business. Use this tool to begin the process of defining your culture.
  • How to Receive Feedback – Interested in hearing about how others view your work? Make it easy for them to tell you. If they think you’ll appreciatively consider their feedback, you’ll get lots more.
  • How to Provide Impactful Feedback – Make your feedback have the impact it deserves by the manner and approach you use to deliver it. Your feedback can make a difference to people if you can avoid a defensive response.

Facilitation Tools

  • Keys to Engagement – Leading Virtual Meetings – As a leader, there is an increasing need for developing your ability to facilitate virtual meetings. We have virtual teams, travel, and a mobile workforce unlike any time in our history. There are of course special challenges that come with leading a virtual meeting.
  • Alignment as a Decision Making Tool – When you have a group of smart, opinionated, engaged and passionate people, you will never agree!  Healthy conflict, differences of opinions, and diverse ideas, are what propel organizations forward, as long as everyone can align on a decision.

Behavior Assessment Tools

Behavior assessment tools are useful for staffing and promotion decisions. Employees need to be involved, fully-trained, and trusted to perform their job well. Our behavior assessment tools are quick to take, easy to score, simple to analyze, and provide trusted results of an individual’s natural behavior, current work behavior and growth potential. We offer a number of behavior assessment tools including the Thomas International DISC Assessment. For more information visit our Behavioral Assessments page.

Get the Total Transformation

Don’t just solve one part of the problem. Be the solution. At People Biz, Inc., we offer Total Solutions, a comprehensive program that provides clients with the resources they need to lead based on the Transformational Leadership Principle. This program also provides the tools, resources and expertise to achieve total transformation in every aspect of their lives.

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