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Sales ConsultingSpending time and energy on prospects that are not going to buy will bankrupt you. Starting with a prospect and not having or knowing the process that gets them to “yes” will always keep you chasing new leads instead of closing deals. Neither is good for business.

Having a sales strategy is critical — understanding who will buy and having a process that you follow to get them to buy. Surprisingly, one of the most common things left out of marketing plans is the sales strategy and the process for moving a prospect through your funnel until they become a customer.

In sales consulting, we examine and discuss strategies that are consistent with your marketing plan and business model. We support you in getting clear about your overall approach and implementing a proven system. The purpose of evaluating your sales strategy and process is to identify and strengthen areas of the process that you might not be measuring or areas for improvement.

Topics can include:

  • Sales cycle time and recommendations on how to shorten it, increasing cash flow and profitability
  • Evaluating different stages of the buying cycle and what happens at each stage
  • Key conversion rates for each stage and how you are currently tracking conversion rates and performance of your sales people
  • Sales representative performance to determine their level of knowledge, ability to adhere to a process and if there will be training needed to implement a strategy and process

Benefits include:

  • Understanding what to measure to effectively evaluate sales performance
  • Having and knowing your strategy supporting continued improvement in sales performance
  • Having easy to use tools, systems, and documented processes to support effective sales and sales training
  • Knowing exactly how to measure sales team and sales representative performance


Sales Daily AccountabilityCreating a new behavior is simply a matter of creating a new habit and new structure for that habit. Changing your behavior is not about will power!
Sales & Marketing Actions –  Accountability and tracking


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