The Coaching Clinic: Coaching Skills for Leaders

This management training course is designed to transform your ability to engage others by moving you from a command-and-control model of communication to one of collaboration and accountability.

Watch executive and business coach, Alicia Marie on Monologue vs. Dialogue.




Don’t have enough of a team to bring us to your location?  This course is now offered as a 6-month virtual program.

In addition to managing your employees, the communication skills learned are useful in sales, parenting, and with peers and vendors.

This is a fun, highly participative and practical leadership coaching clinic designed to provide you and your managers with the tools and skills needed to become outstanding coaches.

  • HCRI Approved 12 Hours!
  • The course includes a coaching session with People Biz Trainer and a Thomas International DISC Assessment.

Customized Courses

Like any of our trainings, the Coaching Clinic can be offered privately to your team or organization alone or as part of a larger customized management training package.

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What You Will Learn:

  • An entirely new perspective on communication and what works
  • Powerful and effective techniques that help you seize daily coaching situations
  • Developing a coaching culture
  • What coaching is about, why it is effective, and how to implement it in the workplace
  • How to make the traditional switch from “Command and Control” style management to collaborative and supportive engagement of employees
  • The use of behavior assessments and how they apply when coaching
  • Identify goals and create action plans with employees
  • How to promote learning and discovery in your business
  • Accountability: what it takes and how to infuse it in your company
  • Personal Foundation: modeling leadership and “real power” in the workplace



Complete the Training Needs Analysis to learn what training would be beneficial for you.

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