Individual Development Plan

Individual Development PlanYou are a good manager. You give feedback and correction, and you utilize annual reviews and assessments, so why aren’t your employees growing or reaching their potential?

There is something missing: an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and quarterly follow-up meetings.

We have all made the mistake of telling an employee how they need to grow, yet not furthering the conversations on how to take ownership of their own growth. We say, “You need to learn better time management skills” or “You need to learn how to manage”, and we leave the employee wondering, “How do I do that?”

The solution includes both training and coaching to support your employees in developing their own growth plans.

Time and money are limited, therefore . . .

People are your most valuable resource. Develop your talented people and grow your business!

We can get you ready with Individual Development Plans for your whole team and easy sustainable practices for your business.

What you will learn:

  • What IDP is and isn’t
  • How to use the IDP as a business process
  • Gain practice supporting an individual through goal setting and identifying growth opportunities.
  • Practice developing your own plans relevant and effective feedback A specific business process gets put into place for all employees’ growth and development.
  • Managers have the tools they need to develop themselves and others.
  • The organization can focus on growth and development as a “practice” continuously.

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