Health Works Program

“No matter what I’m working on in my day-to-day interactions with clients, their ability to integrate skills, increase capacity, and improve their circumstances is either enhanced or hindered by how healthy they are. Well-being is a HUGE factor in achieving anything in life!” – Alicia Marie

The premise of  Transformational Leadership Principle, upon which our work is based, is that real change and transformation happens when leaders actively engage in their own growth and development on a regular basis.

Engaging in your well-being is a key strategy for developing your leadership capacity.

Health Works is a path to a powerful relationship with your body, nutrition, and exercise.

Everything we want to accomplish with our health first needs to happen internally. Do you sense the truth here, but prefer not look at it?

Our health coaching and training program is for people who are finally ready to look. If you have tried everything, are convinced there is not a quick fix, sign up for this program.

Health Works is for courageous people, for people who know that they have only skimmed the surface of their health issues. We have been teaching health principals for several years and know this to be true:

Your habits, thoughts, language, memories, and your personality have everything to do with your well- being! All of which have the capacity and tendency to change and grow.

You have the power to start choosing rather than being in resistance at the effect of this natural tendency to change and grow!


You can expect many surprising benefits from participating in Health Works. Some of the benefits will include:

  • Living for today – Release the burden of past attempts to be healthy.
  • Being inspired – Establish specific measurable goals and a plan to achieve them.
  • Becoming curious – Curiosity versus judgment about what food and exercise your body enjoys and benefits from.
  • Learning – Study, investigate and learn about nutrition and health.
  • Paying Attention– Handle un-addressed health concerns.
  • Truth – Uncover un-investigated beliefs that are promoting your health issues.
  • Ease – Identify situations that are likely to get in the way of your plan and create strategies to address them.
  • Release – Truly forgive; “heavy thoughts make you heavy” “un-easy thoughts create dis-ease”.
  • Acceptance – Develop a deep appreciation for your body as it is today. Learn to have and be enough.
  • Play – Let go of all the seriousness and meaning around food, your body, and exercise.
  • Power – Tap into your personal power and give up the struggle of controlling everything.
  • Balance – Let go of extreme thinking and learn to take small steps that make a difference over time.

The Health Works program is 25-75 minute phone sessions over a period of 8 months, with 8-10 participants. You will also have a buddy that you speak to on the weeks off, in between sessions.


A physical prior to starting this program is a requirement. You will also need to know these statistics prior to the program.

  • Blood pressure within one week of program
  • Body fat percentage at start of program
  • Weight at start of program
  • Waist measurement at start of program
  • Hip Measurement at start of program

Permission from a doctor to participate must be received by the first session. See permission form here.

During your first few sessions, you will develop a plan to aspire to, so drop the perfectionist attitude now!

We will put in place actions that are systematic and repetitive.

  • Exercise is a natural outcome and result of being healthy
  • You will do exercise purely for health reasons, not for a great looking body
  • We will work on being healthy together; you will create your exercise program

This is really where your program begins. Most of us know exactly why we have the results we have. So, why don’t we do something about it? The resignation runs so deep; we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

More about the Heath Works program

In this program, you will:

  • Get to the root of what stops you
  • Confront your relationship to food, your body, and overall well-being
  • See that your point of view about yourself, your history and your past failures will all have to be left behind to experience Measurable Transformation
  • Sometimes love and even hate your Health Works coach
  • Win and fail
  • Experience every imaginable emotion
  • Forget why you are doing this and your group will remind you  

Your coach and group will be your commitment when you have forgotten yours. When you feel like quitting, your coach and group will demand you keep your word and see yourself as the healthy, successful person that you already are!


Cost of the program is $145 a month for 8 months, plus a refundable $500 deposit at time of signed agreement.

To receive your deposit back:

  • You must attend 20 of the 25 sessions and complete the program in its entirety
  • You must Submit at least 20 of the 25 Awareness reports “on time” to Health Works group site
  • Track your statistics in Awareness report submitted to group
  • Do all written assignments
  • Support your buddy by having at least one call per month

There are many assignments around exercise and nutrition that will be entirely up to you and are not a measure of your success in the program. Even though to be well you will want to have a healthy eating and exercise program you will receive your full deposit back if you keep the agreements above.

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