Health Works FAQ


1. Will I lose weight?
You may. The focus of this program is your health. Losing weight is an outcome of being in a healthy state. When you can sustain feeling good inside for a long enough time you will naturally enjoy moving your body more and eating foods that are aligned with feeling good.

2. Will I have to exercise?
Yes, exercise is part of the program. You create the plan based on your goals. The coach and the group support your plan.

3. Why is this program different than everything else I have tried?
This program is about healing on the inside first. Most programs actually feed the unhealthy thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves. Thoughts like “I am fat,” “I am ugly” or “I am lazy” . The message is …If you eat this and do that you will look good or you will be okay. This program is founded on the belief that you are okay the way you are. When you truly get that you are “okay,”  you start to line up your habits to fit that new belief. As long as you think there is something wrong with you, there will always be something wrong with you.

4. What’s the difference between a coach and a consultant?
A consultant is the expert. In a coaching relationship the client is the expert.

5. What is my first step?
Call for a complimentary Health Coaching Session. You will get your questions answered and get a taste of what it is like to be coached.

6. What if I have a health issue that interferes with exercise or diet?
If you have an issue like diabetes, bad knees, hyperthyroidism etc. We encourage all participants to be 100 % responsible and learn everything they possibly can about their health issue. We also ask that you get very specific professional support for your issue while participating in this program.

7. What will I have to eat?
There are no forced dietary rules. We offer food guidelines. In this program you will create your own meal plans. As your awareness about what your body needs expands, you will naturally start gravitating towards healthy foods. Most people do not realize how food makes them feel. You will tune into the energy in food and start making choices that are aligned with your vision for yourself. We believe people have an innate wisdom about what they need nutritionally. In the Health Works Program you wake up to what your body loves!

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