Geechee Girl Cafe Featured By ‘Philly in Focus’

Valerie Erwin,  People Biz client and owner of Geechee Girl Cafe, was featured by Philly in Focus,  a local video portal dedicated to supporting the creative efforts of the personalities, businesses and organizations that make Philadelphia great.

Valerie opened Geechee Girl Cafe—about a mile away from its current location—in 2003. Chef Valerie runs Geechee Girl with the help of her four sisters. Alethia, who manages the dining room, left a job in finance to work full time at Geechee Girl. In addition to Alethia, there is Michelene, who handles catering sales, Lisa who writes the newsletters and Alexandria who, despite a full time job in the finance industry, can be counted on to help out in an emergency.

Valerie’s video will take you on an expedition into how she has rediscovered home recipes from all over the world. Her professional cooking skills mixed with essential African/American flavors will thrill your senses!

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