Want to make a difference? People Biz, Inc. is hiring!

We are a leadership development organization working with clients that are deeply engaged in personal and professional development.

Employees have the opportunity to participate in our mission to engage clients in their capacity to grow and develop “new thinking.” All team members also get to work on their own growth and development in a healthy, casual learning environment. Employees who leave the company due to relocation, new opportunity, or to start a family always say that “I am forever changed for the better for having worked here, thank you!”

We are currently seeking:


Interested in being a People Biz coach?  We are looking for Executive or Business Coaches who fit the following profile.

  • Do you have some experience actually coaching a client for money?
  • Have you been trained in the core competencies of coaching by an ICF certified coaching company?
  • Do you absolutely love people?
  • Are you learning based, always reading and taking classes?
  • Do you have a formal education?
  • Do you have practical experience as a business owner or as an executive in a company?
  • Do you have a small existing coaching practice that you are willing to merge with People Biz or have you not yet started your coaching practice?
  • Are you emotionally mature?
  • Can you make a difference for someone without needing their acknowledgement or approval?
  • Are you at a good place in your life, where you can be of true support to another?
  • Have you been professionally coached before?

 Join us and benefit from a proven business model for coaching.

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