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management training programThe Coaching Clinic: Coaching Skills for Leaders

This management training course is designed to transform your ability to engage others by moving you from a command-and-control model of communication to one of collaboration and accountability. In addition to managing your employees, the communication skills learned are useful in sales, parenting, and with peers and vendors.

This is a fun, highly participative and practical leadership coaching clinic designed to provide you and your managers with the tools and skills needed to become outstanding coaches.

  • HCRI Approved 12 Hours!
  • The course includes a coaching session with People Biz Trainer and a Thomas International DISC Assessment

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Agreement is Futile, Alignment is Critical

“Agreement is Futile, Alignment is Critical” is a 2 to 3-hour cost-effective workshop that results in greater team synergy and increased decision quality. The workshop consists of one session (up to 3 groups of 6-8 per group).
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Interview Skills Training

The Interview Skills Workshop is a fast-paced, fun, and cost-effective workshop that gives participants an understanding of how to identify the best candidate, and also practice on interviewing and identifying the right answers – plus a complete interview guide for a specific position you are hiring for.
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Performance Planning Workshop

The Performance Planning Workshop will support your organization in creating a specific business process for all employees’ growth and development so that managers have the tools they need to develop themselves and others. This is a workshop for managers discussing an effective and efficient performance planning process. Managers learn how to walk new employees through the process, and receive training on giving feedback and remaining neutral. Individual Development Plans training can be included in this workshop, or added as a nice follow up for this course.
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Individual Development Plan

You are a good manager. You provide feedback and correction, and utilize annual reviews and assessments, so why aren’t your employees growing or reaching their potential?
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Culture Facilitation

Our  one to two day  customized Culture Facilitation  is highly interactive  and designed so participants walk away with the ability to be responsible for their contribution to the culture of the company. Employees will examine their company culture, to include existing mission, vision and practiced values. Sacred Cows (practices that do not add value) are identified and strategies for eliminating are discussed. The training is tailored to the specific needs and culture of the organization.
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management training program testimonial

The Coaching Clinic allowed me to gain so much insight into myself – when and how I play the victim – and how that affects me, others and my integrity. The course gave me the tools to bring myself out of monologue and into dialogue. I am so grateful to Alicia for all the learning, coaching and inspiration she has given me. She has really made a profound impact on who I am as a person and how I can serve others. – Michelle Shemilt, CEO, Nudy Patooty Inc.

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