by Executive Coach Deborah Huyer

Consensus is not agreement, in fact agreement is futile…….

Many times teams try to reach a decision by getting everyone to agree.  Striving for agreement is not only futile, it is not healthy for an organization or team.

When you have a group of smart, opinionated, passionate individuals, you will never have agreement – nor should you!   Diversity of thought and ideas is what moves an organization or team forward.  When you have a team that is always in agreement, you probably have “group think” going on, or people unwilling to voice their ideas rather than rock the boat – both can result in stagnation.

Striving for agreement also takes more time, which is a scarce and valuable commodity, plus it can result in unhealthy conflict and emotions clouding discussions and decisions.

Consensus is an effective decision making tool that is appropriate most of the time. Consensus is not agreement, in fact, it is based on the premise that you will not agree, nor should you.  People confuse consensus and agreement.  They are not the same.

You have achieved consensus when everyone on the team can say, “I can fully support this decision even though I don’t agree with it.”  Find out how with our Executive Coach and Consultant Deborah Huyer.

This 2-hour cost effective Consensus Building Workshop results in greater team synergy and increased decision quality.  Consensus Training has been a pivotal first step in getting teams working more effectively together and group problem solving has shown to increase team decision quality for many of her clients. It is also a fun team building event.  Call (512) 989-2230 for more information!

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