Communication Skills: Monologue vs. Dialogue

Effective communication skills are the foundation of every great team or organization. Learning to communicate effectively begins by becoming aware of how we communicate currently and adding new skills. Not until you have gained this awareness can you begin to learn how to communicate more effectively. Watch executive and business coach Alicia Marie explain in the video below.

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Communication entails so many different aspects from listening, to giving and receiving feedback, tone and more. Learning the the difference between monologue and dialogue and gaining access to dialogue is just the beginning. The Coaching Clinic: Coaching Skills for Managers is a two day communications course designed for managers, sales people and leaders of all types. The intention of the course is to transform you ability to engage others by moving your from a command-and-control model of communication to one of collaboration and accountability.

The skills you learn in The Coaching Clinic will not only save you time but also produce better results and leave employees more engaged and happy.

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Basic Principles with Alicia Marie: Listening

Basic Principles with Alicia Marie: Accountability

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