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Creating a Coaching Culture: An Introduction

The business landscape is changing quickly–old thinking is not going to solve new problems. A new approach to working with people to achieve business results is essential.

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Count Me In Launches New Program with People Biz, Inc.

We’re excited to share that Count Me In and People Biz, Inc. have partnered up to provide a 6 1/2  month group coaching and training program for 50 awardees from the Make Mine a Million event in Denver earlier this year.  We look forward to working with this […]

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Words from a Coaching Client: Social Media Gone Wild

Blog by Lindsey Tyner of Alt Creative | “Unless you have been in a coma for the past 2 years, you’ve probably heard the term Social Media on more than one occasion. If you are in the industry, you’re probably just as sick of hearing about it as we are. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a powerful marketing tool and a great way to stay in touch with friends, clients, family, and customers…”

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Killian Rieder Offers Advice in SUCCESS Magazine

We’re excited to brag about yet another accomplishment by one of our long-time clients and co-founder of Chamilia, Killian Rieder! In a SUCCESS magazine article titled Forecast for Startups: How to Start a Business While Maintaining Your Life, Killian was asked to give advice to entrepreneurs who want to take the same professional path that she did, while also maintaining a balanced personal life.

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15 Tips for Focus Groups

Research is simply a process to get information and insights you don’t have that you need. After you have reviewed all of the information you do have, and you find you still have unanswered questions, you may need research. In the initial stages of a product or service offer, focus groups are often conducted. Focus groups are a great forum to explore potential positioning statements, concepts, or ideas.

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The Big Unveiling: Words from a Client

This honest and incredibly motivating article by our clilent, Simla Somturk Wickless of Delicious Health, will inspire you to define your own success and make it happen!

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Ask an Expert: “How to Name Your Business”

Join Alicia Marie on February 17th @ 3 CST as she interviews Wendy Phillips with Big Buzz Brands on how to name a business. Wendy will discuss the three rules for naming a business, different categories of brand names, the most common mistakes business owners make when naming their business, and much more. You won’t want to miss it!

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurs value individual effort and know that greatness starts with a commitment to personal excellence. When you strive for excellence in everything you do, it’s then reflected throughout your company. Because you live it, your staff embraces it. They, too, enjoy seeing their best come through in the work they do. We see this spirit in our clients all the time here at People Biz, Inc.

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So, you were fired. Now what?

How do you respond to a job interview question about why you left your last job, when the answer is that you were fired? This question is dreaded by everyone who has ever been laid off. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

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Ask an Expert: “How to Build a Million Dollar Business: What Would Your Business Sell For?”

Join Alicia Marie on February 1st at 2 CST as she interviews Brian Walters on business valuations! Brian will discuss several points related to performing business valuations, including what information is needed to perform a valuation; what factors impact the value of a business; and most importantly, what you as a business owner can do to make your business more valuable, and potentially worth much more on the open market.

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