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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Plan

If you learned how to write a business plan at all, you probably learned how to write a MBA quality 30-page plan designed to attract investors or get a bank loan. In addition, if you are like most of us, after your initial start-up you never looked […]

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The Coaching Clinic is Coming to Austin!

Event cancelled. Click here for information on upcoming dates. Do your managers simply delegate tasks or do they coach their employees? Studies have shown coaching is the quickest and most effective method for developing your employees. People Biz, Inc. has been invited to lead their popular management […]

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Mastering the Basics of Business

Have you ever watched a master practice? I have. I’ve gotten to watch major league baseball players practice, world-class musicians practice, and master yogis practice. One might think that after 45 years of doing yoga, or playing music, or playing baseball there would be nothing left to […]

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Two Reasons Businesses Fail

According to the Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. That means a whopping 80% will never see past the age of two. But why? Why do entrepreneurs who are some of the most strong willed, spirited, and persevering […]

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What is Accountability and Why Does it Matter?

Everyone talks about accountability. Leaders want it. Employees are often afraid of it. But do you know what accountability really means? Many people often confuse accountability with consequences, blame, judgment, punishment, or even responsibility; but in actuality it’s none of those things. What is Accountability? Accountability is […]

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Being “Open for Business”

By Business Coach, Alicia Marie I have great admiration for small business owners and I am one myself. I love their entrepreneurial spirit, pioneering attitude, perseverance and strength. I am lucky enough to work with them daily as their business coach. Through my role as coach, I […]

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We’re Looking for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, the Business Accelerator Program is for you. Slated to begin April 16th, 2014, the program is specifically tailored to highlight the issues many entrepreneurs face and support them through training, coaching and a peer group to learn from. After having worked with […]

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Does Your Staff Cooperate or Collaborate with You? Day 5

Today, we wrap up our discussion on your team’s shift from cooperation to collaboration, we need to emphasize one of the last but most important points. Don’t forget yourself! As you’ve seen over the last week, moving your team toward collaboration doesn’t just involve them, it also […]

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Does Your Staff Cooperate or Collaborate with You? Day 4

For your staff to move from a position of cooperation to one of collaboration, it is important they know how they fit into the organization, what is possible and receive good feedback. Here are some ways you can facilitate collaboration on your team. Create a visual organization […]

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Does Your Staff Cooperate or Collaborate With You? Day 3

Monday we introduced the idea that having a team or an individual’s cooperation is not enough. While cooperation keeps the peace it does not support growth, for the individual, or the business. Rather than settling for cooperation we should all be striving for more, for collaboration. One […]

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