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Personal Growth Simplified

When I share with people that I own a Leadership Development organization, they always pause in anticipation of more explanation. So then I add, “You know, personal and professional growth and development – training, coaching, consulting.”  This usually gets a knowing nod followed by a comparison to […]

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Candor: Tell it like it is, or pay the price.

Through my work, and with numerous client projects over the last 20 years, I have witnessed and identified many admirable leadership qualities. However, in my experience, the ability to model and utilize candor is the behavior that best predicts high performing teams, and the single most important […]

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Back to the Basics: Living in Wonder and Possibility

In our leadership series, Leading Change and Leading Change Mastery, participants start to pull apart the different aspects of how they relate to themselves.  As they understand emotion and how it works, they discover they are not their emotion and saying things like, “I am sad” or, […]

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5 Key Factors of Successful Performance and Talent Management

Organizational Consultant, Deborah Huyer, shares the five key factors that successful companies do well around performance and talent management: Plan for success – anticipate growth and required resources well in advance of need so that they have the talent in place, when needed, to deliver on opportunities. […]

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Feel Stuck? Alicia Marie Discusses Breaking the Pattern

What do you do when you feel stuck or out of control? Not being in tune with, and aware of, the power of your emotions could be at cause. Alicia Marie, Founder and Managing Director of People Biz, Inc., talks with Elin Barton of Ready, Set, Grit […]

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Team Building: Millennials love it!

Of the generational categories, the majority of my clients range from Gen X to Baby Boomer. I have to smile to myself when my clients mention their frustration with their millennial employees. Throughout history has any generation every understood the generations that followed? Millennials are entering the […]

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Coaching Client Pitches Business on Dragon’s Den

Michelle Shemilt, People Biz coaching client and founder of Nudy Patooty, pitched her growing business on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, which is Canada’s version of Shark Tank.  Michelle was inspired to create a line of undershirts for women when she realized she wasn’t wearing her favorite clothes, either […]

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Focus Coaching Package: 5 Sessions for $995

Are you a past People Biz coaching client who needs a little support in identifying and focusing on what’s important again? At People Biz, we realize that you might not want a full package, but still have a desire to talk to your coach.  Now through March […]

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Factor X: The Missing Part of the Formula for Success Might Be YOU!

  Time and again, I see this struggle. A savvy business owner who seemingly has the perfect formula for success.  They work hard, manage their finances well, surround themselves with talented people, understands strategy, builds their team, focuses on efficiencies  and has a solid marketing plan, yet […]

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The Inspired Goals Webinar is Back!

Our popular goal setting workshop is back and now open for registration! Friday, January 25, 2019 | 10:00 AM – 1:15 PM CST $49 **Free to past/ current clients of People Biz, Inc. | Led by Alicia Marie Unlock your inner ability to create whatever you want in your […]

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