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“Audra Fordin is devoted to empowering women and putting women in control, especially when it comes to maintaining their cars. ‘Growing up in the auto repair industry, it’s predominantly run by men. When I joined the family business and realized that women were not really included in the conversation, it was my opportunity to connect,’ Audra says.

Audra connects with hundreds of women by taking fear out of car repair. In 2009, she founded, “Women Auto Know.” The hands-on workshop educates female drivers on everything from preventive care to preparing for a breakdown. The workshop is free.

‘As long as you get the understanding down, you can make smart decisions on how to take care of your very, very expensive investment that’s also protecting you and keeping you safe on the road,’ Audra says.

By correlating the car to the human body, Audra teaches drivers that they don’t need to be mechanic, they just have to be observant.

‘I feel a great relief. There’s so many things I know that I don’t feel like I need to ask my father, my brother, all the men who know about cars, because I actually have this knowledge and I can expand on what I know now,’ says Ashley Caffey, who attended the workshop.

‘Audra does not come off intimidating since she knows what you need for your car and she’ll show it to you,’ says Julia Lee, who attended the workshop. ‘She explains everything and what’s going to happen, so she makes you feel safe.’

So far, some 1,500 drivers have taken Audra’s workshop.

‘You definitely see the passion coming through,’ Caffey says. ‘As she was explaining everything to me, you can see this is like second nature to her.’

So, for empowering women with the automotive education they ought to know, Audra Fordin is the latest New Yorker of the Week.”

Congratulations to People Biz coaching client Audra Fordin, owner of Great Bear Auto Repair, for being named New Yorker of the week by NY1 news!

Read the full article by John Schiumo, and watch Audra’s interview here!

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