Business Accelerator Program Participant, Karen Tenenbaum, Teaches Kids About Finances

Business Coaching Client Karen TenenbaumBusiness coaching client, Karen Tenenbaum, was recently featured in the Long Island Business News for her creative approach to teaching kids about finances. The Melville, New York based tax attorney plans to reach children ages 5-8 with her cartoon character Walter the Vault who stars in a series of You Tube videos. While Karen realizes children in this age bracket might not have the capacity for understanding the value of money like a young adult would, she hopes to empower their parents with methods for teaching their children the difference between wants and needs the next time they are being hounded by a begging child in the store.

Karen was also a winner at the Count Me For Women’s Economic Independence Pitch Event this past summer in New York City. She was awarded a prize package including the People Biz, Inc. Business Accelerator Program for her plan to teach children financial awareness. Currently the Business Accelerator Program is only offered as part of a Count Me In Award however the program will begin being offered to the public this spring.

Congratulations Karen!


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