Happiness Is Positive Cash Flow!

In today’s uncertain economy with ever rising interest rates, many small businesses with limited financial training are having problems staying alive, let alone prospering. In fact, 63% of new businesses don’t survive six years — and most work-at-home people fail within 6 months! The primary reason is […]

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Being Positively Practical in Business

With the current economy and market changes I certainly feel it is important to keep a positive attitude, be positive and focus on what’s working versus what isn’t working.

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Am I an Entrepreneur?

Businesses fail, and often.  If you think you want to run your own business, but are not sure you can be a successful Entrepreneur, I am glad you are thinking about it…keep reading.  How does an Entrepreneur think, act, and respond?  Is your personality a fit for […]

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Does your staff cooperate or collaborate with you?

As small business owners we move fast, change courses and shift gears daily. Operating a small business demands that we have the ability to be flexible and change as needed.

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A Successful Recipe for Accountability

BY ALICIA MARIE – Business Trainer and Coach   Accountability is a buzzword in the business world right now. Unfortunately, most of us have negative understanding of the word. We often use the word as if it means blame and punishment. Therefore, we often attempt to avoid […]

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A Healthy Relationship with Failure

I have noticed that people who are very accomplished have a healthy relationship with failure. They embrace it, watch for it, learn from their mistakes

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