Back to the Basics: Living in Wonder and Possibility

In our leadership series, Leading Change and Leading Change Mastery, participants start to pull apart the different aspects of how they relate to themselves.  As they understand emotion and how it works, they discover they are not their emotion and saying things like, “I am sad” or, “You make me angry” are completely inaccurate. This changes how they relate to emotion and how they relate to themselves.

Participants also learn to question what is real and what is imagined. They look at past, present and future.  This inquiry has participants discover that maybe, just maybe, they are not the story of their past, or their future, for that matter.

As the course progresses, the realization that all the things they call themselves  — mom, dad, boss, black, gay, woman, male, white, old, young, millennial, baby boomer — also have nothing to do with who we really are.

They soon discover that it doesn’t matter if they are Christian, a Buddhist, or an atheist… we all have this part of us, this part of us that is not our history, our labels, our emotion or our bodies. There is this part of us that just wants to create and express ourselves completely. What we call that part of ourselves really doesn’t matter; people get so caught up trying to label things that they completely miss what matters.

All that matters is that we connect to that place inside and allow ourselves to get lost in our creativity, our expression, and our talents, so we can bring something beautiful into the world.

But wait, the world has taught us not to connect to that place within; instead, we’re trained to connect to everything but that place. We’re supposed to connect to the television, the news, the brands, and the society that has tricked us into believing that we’re not enough as we are… and so we get caught in the cycle of trying to find love outside of ourselves, in the form of food, money, careers, superficial relationships, clothes, cars, and titles…you get the point.

When we were kids, we just played and did what we loved to do. We created. We danced and created all day. We didn’t care what people thought about us or what our ex-was doing on Facebook. We were totally free and pretended that we were firemen or astronauts or teachers. Our imagination was limitless and our creativity is what was running us. We were living from our internal world not the external world. As time went by, we learned from society to shut off the possibilities that lived inside of us and to start moving away from our internal world.  We learned that we can’t do the things that we want to do, and that it’s hard, it’s tough, or even cruel. We learned that there’s not enough to go around and that the only way to feel security in this world is to get as much as possible and hold on to it as tight as you can. We learned to be afraid of the world out there while ignoring our special place within.

Instead of working on getting as much as we can externally, what if we were focused on growing as much as we can internally? What if we were able to go back to that child-like state where we were filled with wonder, peace, possibility and the desire to be courageous?

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